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Introducing PACT

A streamlined methodology for calculating and exchanging product carbon footprints. Improving accuracy and enabling decarbonization across value chains.

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PACT Methodology creates alignment between various guidelines and standards

`Methodology for Product Level Emissions Accounting
Methodology for Data Integrity
Methodology for Data Exchange

Accelerating Scope 3 transparency with PACT

PACT Methodology

PACT Methodology for Product Carbon Footprints

PACT Network

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PACT Ecosystem

PACT enables collaboration across the entire ecosystem. 150+ stakeholders and industry initiatives representing 2,500 companies involved​.

Uniting stakeholders across all dimensions of the climate ecosystem to jointly create relevant and actionable standards for carbon transparency across value chains

Public-private partnerships
Standard setters
Target & disclosure organizations
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"PACT has been instrumental in accelerating PCF data exchange across value chains, and in tackling significant challenges across value chains.”

Giulia Saladino
Procurement Climate Specialist, Unilever


A credible and scalable standard, making it easier for you to calculate and exchange Scope 3 data

Neutral, not-for-profit initiative

With member companies from all business sectors and all major economies, and as the co-convenor of the GHG Protocol, WBCSD’s neutral position ensures trust and a common vision and strategy to decarbonize across supply chains and industries.

Ensuring data sovereignity

Each organization is the sole owner of and exercises sovereignty over its data, with full control over who has access to any data-point. The granularity of the data exchanged and the tool with which it is exchanged is chosen flexibly in line with PACT requirements. The technology is accompanied and supported by a governance framework that further strengthens the data sovereignty of each stakeholder.

Applicable and actionable

Organizations simply cannot track and reduce what they cannot measure, putting at risk the achievement of their net zero targets. By enabling access to granular, consistent, and actionable supplier data in a scalable way, PACT allows step-by-step and fit-for-purpose integration to enable business decisions.

Created through collaboration

By bringing together a growing number of stakeholders across value chains and industries as well as standard-setting bodies, leading technology companies, reporting organizations and regulators, PACT drives exchange, alignment and integration.

Success Stories from PACT Members

Dow is championing PACT amongst its suppliers, setting a consistent standard for carbon transparency

To ensure it meets its ambitious climate goals, Unilever is leading the way in product level transparency across its supply chains.

BASF are working with various partners and associations to promote PACT as the standardization of PCF calculation

Our vision

Emissions transparency is