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EcoAct is an international sustainability consultancy and project developer that supports companies to set robust science-aligned net-zero strategies and achieve their climate targets. Founded in France in 2006, the company now spans three continents with offices in Europe, North America and Africa and became part of Schneider Electric in 2023.

With a team of more than 360 international climate experts, EcoAct’s core purpose is to lead the way in developing sustainable business solutions that deliver true value for both climate and client. EcoAct is a CDP Gold Partner, a founding member of ICROA, a strategic partner in the implementation of the Gold Standard for the Global Goals and reports to the UN Global Compact.

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EcoAct operates globally, with offices in Paris, London, Barcelona, New York, Montreal, Munich, Milan, and Kenya.



Key Services

  • Measurement and Net-Zero Strategy
  • Climate Risk
  • Net-Zero Targets & Sustainability Reporting
  • Voluntary Carbon Offsetting and Project Development
  • Climate Mitigation
  • Digital Climate Solutions
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