RMI Steel Extension: A data model extension for sharing information emissions data in steel production.

RMI's Steel GHG Emissions Reporting Guidance provides a methodology for reporting emissions in a way that enables the development of a differentiated market for low-embodied-emissions steel that promotes the necessary investment to decarbonize the sector.

The broad outcome of the implementation of this guidance is as follows:

  1. Accelerate the deployment of low-emissions steel production technologies by ensuring sufficient information is available to link demand with supply.
  2. Increase transparency and provide further information on steel production emissions with a methodology that is consistent across geographies and commodities.
  3. Enable steel consumers to purchase with a clear embodied emissions association and demonstrate evidence of that emissions performance to their customers.
  4. Credibly recognize steel producers leading their peers in terms of emissions performance, particularly in deployment of new technologies.
Publication date and version
September 7, 2023, 1.0.0
Date updated
September 7, 2023
Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)
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